ZS-1/ZS-01 Magnetoresistance Rotation Speed sensor

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ZS-1/ZS-01 Magnetoresistance Rotation Speed sensor
In order to measure the speed of turbine machinery conveniently, a speed measuring gear or a Keyphasor or sensor is usually installed on the ZS-1/ZS-01 Magnetoresistance Rotation Speed sensor  transforms the rotating speed signal of rotating parts of rotating machinery into corresponding electric pulse signal through the frequency measurement of speed measuring gear or Keyphasor, and supplies it to the speed measurement of electronic equipment.
The technical parameters of  Rotation Speed sensor ZS-1/ZS-01 include the following points:
Working temperature: - 20 ° C~120 ° C.
Storage temperature: - 20 ° C~+150 ° C.
When the test voltage of the sensor is 500V, the insulation resistance shall not be less than 500M Ω.
Gear material: the gear is made of metal material with high permeability.
Tooth shape: involute tooth shape is suitable.
The protection grade of cable outgoing line is IP68.
 ZS-1/ZS-01 Magnetoresistance Rotation Speed sensor
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