● In 2004, DFC signed an agreement with 13 regional branches of DEC to complementarily develop the power market at Sanya.

● In 2004, DFC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfang Electric Corporations Materials Company, confirmed Dongfang DFC as the Deyang brach of DEC Materials Company to be in market competition.

● In 2005, DFC obtained the 1SO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

● In 2005, DFC signed a supply contract of DFSTW spare parts with Qianbei Power Plant of Guizhou Xidian Electric power Co. Ltd.

● In 2006, DFC signed a supply contract of DFSTW spare parts with Nine Dragon Paper Dongguan branch (Hong Kong-owned).

● In 2006, DFC reached a strategic partnership with 707 Institution.

● In 2007, DFC started the cooperation with ABB of bearings research and development.

● In 2007, DFC undertook China CNR Corporation’s project of the generator retaining rings on CRH traction engines.

● In 2005, DFC obtained the 1SO9001: 2005 quality system certification.

● In 2009, DFC cooperated with Beijing Institute of Technology and CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. on researching and testing insulation materials for wind power.

● In 2009, together with Xi'an Jiaotong University, DFC completed the research and experiment of the 3rd generation nuclear pump water lubricated bearings, and of the new bearing metal material and technology.

● In 2009, DFC jointly developed the 2.5th generation nuclear pump hydraulic test device with Nuclear Power Institute of China, Dongfang AREVA, and 707 Institution.

● In 2010, DFC completed the localization experiment of bearings for high-speed grinder together with Chongqing Hengbo Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

● In 2010, DFC studied and developed new insulating materials with Tsinghua University Shenzhen Branch.

● In 2011, three Siemens employees from the Germany headquarters visited our company for the cooperation of mill sliding bearings.

● In 2011, DFC cooperated with Siemens Control System Department on the project of large hydropower station transformers.

● In January, 2013, DFC started the cooperation with Fruider India of DSFW spare parts.

● In March, 2014, Mr. Gopal from India INCH Engineering has visited our company.

● In April, 2014, Mr. Heri from Indonesia PT.ADOR has visited our company.

● In June, 2014, DFC won the bid of the stator inspection project of 600MW generator units of Guizhou Faer power Plant.

● In January, 2015, DFC provided DEC spare parts for Vietnam Electricity IDICO power plant.

● In May, 2015, DFC became an authorized distributor of Shanghai Xinli Machinery Plant under the Ministry of Space Industry of PRC.

● In June, 2015, Mr. Ivan from ALSTOM Ltd. visited our company.

● In June, 2015, DFC won the bid of the generator collecting rings and manually wrapping insulation project of Guizhou Xishui power Plant.

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