TD-1 100S China-made Displacement LVDT sensor

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 TD-1 100S China-made Displacement LVDT sensor

Displacement LVDT sensor TD-1 100S is one of TD-1 series displacement sensors. TD-1 series displacement sensor uses the principle of differential inductance to convert the mechanical quantity of linear movement into electric quantity, so as to carry out automatic monitoring and control of displacement. It has been widely used in mechanical, electrical and other fields.

TheDisplacement LVDT sensor TD-1 100S has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, good maintenance, long service life, good linearity and high repeatability. It has the advantages of wide measurement range, low time constant and fast dynamic response.

Technical indicators of Displacement LVDT sensor TD-1 100S

1. Non-contact measurement.

2. Strong pressure resistance, high reliability and long life.

3. Working temperature: - 25~+85 , temperature drift 0.05%/.

4. Protection grade: IP68.

5. Output form: three-wire voltage or current output.

6. Frequency response: 0 10kHz

TD-1 100S China-made Displacement LVDT sensor


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