SCZ-04 Series Rotational Speed Monitor

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China SCZ-04 Series Rotational Speed Monitor Manufacturer



SZC-04F/G series Rotational Speed Monitor (intelligent tachometer) is a digital display instrument with intelligent design. It has the characteristics of high precision, stable performance, strong anti-interference, high reliability and simple operation. Users can configure the number of teeth, transmission coefficient, alarm value and other parameters on site.


1. Measurement range: 1 ~ 15000 rpm;
2. Measurement accuracy: 1 turn ± 1 word;
3. Input signal: high level 5V ~ 30V, low level ≤ 0.7V pulse signal;
4. Display mode: 5-digit LED digital display;


SCZ-04 Series Rotational Speed Monitor

SZC-04 series tachometer includes five models: SZC-04 / SZC-04B / SZC-04BG / SZC-04F / SZC-04FG, which is suitable for measuring the speed of steam turbine, water pump and fan. SZC-04F/ SZC-04FG can monitor the reverse speed (two-way sensor signal is required).

SCZ-04 Series Rotational Speed Monitor

FUNCTIONS of SCZ-04 Series Rotational Speed Monitor

1. Speed or cycle can be measured and displayed; ( SZC-04 tachometer has no such function);
2. Measure the peak (large value) memory function;;
3. Two working modes of frequency measurement and cycle measurement can be selected; ( SZC-04 tachometer has no such function);
4. The number of teeth and transmission coefficient can be set arbitrarily within 1-200;
5. Provide alarm switch output, alarm value can be configured, alarm output can be locked ( SZC-04F/  SZC-04B/  SZC-04BG tachometer provides three-way alarm switch output,  SZC-04F /  SZC-04FG tachometer provides four-way alarm switch output);
6. 4 ~ 20mA analog output corresponding to the measuring range;
7. It can keep the set parameters and other memory values in case of power failure;
8. It can detect the forward or reverse rotation of the transmitter (only  SZC-04F /  SZC-04FG provides reverse rotation monitoring);