Sealing Oil Recirculating Pump

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One function of the recirculating pump is to purify the sealing oil. The sealing oil goes through the recirculating pump into the vacuum tank. As the re-circulated oil is diffused, the gas and water are separated from the oil. The sealing oil system of 300MW unit is single loop, vacuum tank and vacuum pump and recirculation pump belongs to oil purification system.


The sealing oil recirculation pump is driven by a DC motor and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The base of the pump depends on the structural size of the pump or pump unit, as well as the connected motor and on-site installation conditions. The base has a concrete or steel structure, and the bearing capacity of the steel structure base is better.





HSNH280-43NZ Sealing Oil Recirculating Pump

Generator seal oil circulating pump 104G-40

Seal oil recirculation pump DLXB820-R67

Seal oil recirculation pump HSNH440

Seal oil recirculation pump DLXB850-R67





Sealing Oil Re-circulating Pump





Coupling Damper
Mechanical Seal
Oil Seal
Pump Bearing
Pump Core
Pump Coupling
Pump Rotor Assembly

Sealing Oil Emergency Pump bearing


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