MM2XPN Industrial 24VDC Digital Power Relay

Date:2021-3-29 18:06:24 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,



Type: DC load switch with built-in action indicator
Structure: with shell and socket terminal
Input rated voltage: DC24V / AC220V


Stable contact reliability and high durability
Convenient installation and wiring, and simple operation
Rich contact structure types
High durability: mechanical life of 5 million times, electrical life (at rated load) of 500,000 times

Models with built-in diodes and auxiliary relays for electric power (JEC-174D) are available.



Techinical Specification:

Size Subminiature
Protect Feature Sealed
Structure Shell
Type Socket terminal
Load Current 3A
Rated Voltage DC24V / AC220V
Function Charged arc barrier type
Electrical life 5,000,000 times
Ambient temperature 20~ +75



MM2XPN Power Relay
MM2XPN Power Relay
MM2XPN Power Relay