ZS-01 / ZS-02 / ZS-03 / ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor for Harbin Steam Turbine

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The ZS series electromagnetic rotational speed sensor is a cost-effective, versatile universal speed sensor for measuring the rotational speed of magnetically conductive objects. It uses a non-contact measurement method to measure the frequency of the speed measuring gear or the key phase. The rotational speed signal is converted into a corresponding electrical pulse signal for use in measuring the rotational speed of the electronic device.



   -  Non-contact measurement: no contact with the tested rotating parts, no wear.

   -  No external working power is required. The output signal is strong and no amplifier is required. Good anti-interference performance.

   -  Integrated design: simple and reliable structure, high vibration and impact resistance.

   -  Widely available, high reliability, good price


The speed sensor ZS series is used with rotational speed monitor HZQS-02A, HZQS-02H, or HZQW-03A for measuring Harbin Steam Turbine shaft rotation speed.





DC Resistance



100~10000 R/min

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature






ZS-01 ZS-03
ZS-01 L=100 ZS-03 L=100
ZS-01 L=65 ZS-03 L=65
ZS-01 L=75 ZS-03 L=75
ZS-01 L=80 ZS-03 L=80
ZS-01 L=90 ZS-03 L=90
ZS-02 ZS-04
ZS-02 L=100 ZS-04 L=100
ZS-02 L=65 ZS-04 L=65
ZS-02 L=75 ZS-04-150-3000
ZS-02 L=80 ZS-04-150-5000
ZS-02 L=90 ZS-04-75-3000





ZS-01 / ZS-02 / ZS-03 / ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor for Harbin


ZS-01 / ZS-02 / ZS-03 / ZS-04 Rotational Speed Sensor for Harbin


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