Fast Unloading Valve

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The fast unloading valve is installed on the oil actuator. When the emergency shutdown is needed, the needle valve of the unloading valve can be pulled out immediately to shutdown the unit.

When the unit must be shut down in emergency, after the emergency tripping and other devices cause oil drainage, the fast unloading valve can quickly release pressure oil under the actuator piston to close the control valve regardless of the amplifier's output signal. The ETS device will send out trip signal when the unit has emergency or the operating parameters exceed the limit value.





Unloading Valve HF02-02-01Y Unloading Valve PCV-02-B10
Unloading Valve DPV-00 HP Unloading Valve M-3SE10U20/315W220NZ5L
Unloading Valve CVC-40-N Unloading Valve DB20-2-30/31.5XV
Unloading Valve C9204000  




Fast Unloading ValveFast Unloading Valve



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