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Most of the steam turbine fasteners work at high temperature and high pressure for a long time, requires very high quality material and material processing. Generally, high strength and high temperature resistant materials such as alloy steel, heat-resistant stainless steel and superalloy are adopted, and heat treatment, blackening and non-destructive detection are applied.




Lock Washers Spring Washer
Positioning Bolt High Temperature Special Nut
High Pressure Cylinder Nut Slotted Nut
Hexagon Nut Socket Hex Bolt
Spherical Gasket Double Head Bolt
Cover Nut Stop Washer




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Special stud bolt D135D-163000A003 Stud bolt M48×3×110 GB898C-88
Bolt M16×40 GB5782B-BB HP MSV sleeve connecting bolt  D660B-261000A004
High temp socket head bolts D660B-099150A003 IP main valve socket head bolts D600B-265600A003
HT socket head bolts D600B-099500A006 Socket head bolts DB0005782W2090 M20*90
Turbine cap nut D00-010410A061 M100*4 Turbine cap nut D00-010410A031 M48
Turbine cap nut D00.010.034 M30 Turbine nut GB6170C-86 M20
Turbine cap nut M237-265000A031 GH1 1/4 Turbine cap nut M237-265000A043 GH1 3/4
Cap nut D00-010410A067 M120*4 Cap nut D00-010410A028 M48*4
CRV pre-inlet valve gland nut M231.265.011 CV gland nut M201.261.013



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