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When the turbine being shutdown, as there is a temperature difference between the cylinder and the lower parts of the rotor may be resulting in bending, the bending degree with downtime increases to reach the maximum value in a certain time ; subsequently, with the cylinder on the lower part of the temperature difference between the reduced, rotor bend by gradually reduced. This phenomenon is called transient thermal bending of the rotor. When the bending of the rotor is still at large, it is not allowed to start the turbine. Therefore, in order to make the turbine can start at any time after the shutdown, it is necessary to use turning gear and drives the rotor for uninterrupted rotation, makes around a rotor temperature uniformity, in order to avoid the occurrence of the thermal bending phenomenon. Also, steam turbine before start, turn red, for turning gear for driven rotation of the rotor, to check and ensure that turbine dynamic and static parts without rub impact, guarantee the safe operation of the unit.




Hydraulic motor Transmission flange
Clutch Shaft
Rolling bearing Fasteners for Barring gear
Big and small gear Drive chain
Worm Ratchet




Turning DeviceTurning Device





Turning Device D3.6A.231Z Turning Device Bearing M181.231.049.Z
Turning Device Worm Gear Y47-231200A Turning Device Detent B2320E-231000A
Turning Device Parts/Oil Sealing D600A.231094 Turning Device Assembly D600B-231000A
Turning Device Mesh Cylinder D600A.231.31Z BFP Turning Device Detent D9.6C-231200A006
Ratchet for Turning Device G302.28.01.47 Turning Gear Oil Seal D600A.231.096
Turning Gear Oil Seal D600A.231.095 Turning Gear Oil Seal D600A.231.094



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