Dongfang yoyik provide accumulator bladder NXQ-AB-25-31.5

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                       Dongfang yoyik provide accumulator bladder NXQ-AB-25-31.5

The accumulator bladder NXQ-AB-25-31.5, is an important part of the bladder-type accumulator. It is usually made of rubber and is flexible for storing compressed inert gas. Generally speaking, a certain pressure of nitrogen is injected into the capsule, and hydraulic oil is filled outside the capsule. The capsule deforms as the hydraulic oil is squeezed, thereby compressing the nitrogen to store energy, otherwise it releases energy. The top of the accumulator generally uses a large-mouth structure to facilitate the replacement of the bladder.


The working principle of the accumulator bladder:

The accumulator capsule divides the accumulator into two chambers, gas and liquid. The capsule is filled with nitrogen. The capsule and the shell form a chamber filled with hydraulic oil. After adding the one-way valve outlet, the volume of gas in the capsule increases with the pressure. Reduce, thereby absorbing shock hydraulic energy, reducing or eliminating system pressure shock.


The main components of the accumulator bladder:

Valve guard, inflation valve, stop nut, mushroom valve, rubber support ring, support ring, sealing ring, pressure ring, valve body seat, screw plug, etc. The outside of the accumulator bladder is hydraulic oil, and the inside is inert gas, usually nitrogen.

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