Spare Parts for Dongfang Boiler
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Spare Parts for Dongfang BoilerSpare Parts for Dongfang BoilerSpare Parts for Dongfang Boiler




TGS22001-2 L-shape

TGS22002-2 L-shape

TGS22003-2 L-shape

D0800.1108 Plug Valve Backing Ring

D1630.1210 Plug Valve Backing Ring

SD61H-P54 Plug Valve Block-off Plate

D0700.1107 Plug Valve Seal Ring

D0800.1107 Plug Valve Seal Ring

DG3322-2008 End Cap

D0450.1203 Valve Clack

D0500.1102 Valve Clack

D8300.1105 Valve Clack

DG4302-87 Antifriction Cover Board

JG-2250-1 HP Heater Manhole Gasket

13N2541-1 HT Reheater Abrasionproof Bearing

13N2541-2 HT Reheater Antifriction Pressure Plate

24FM411-04-1 HT Heater Manhole Gasket

13N2541-3 Superheater Antifriction Bearing

TGS22001 Sliding Pair

TGS22002 Sliding Pair

TGS22003 Sliding Pair

DG4857-1995 Inspection Door

J965Y-32 Globe Valve

J965Y-320 Globe Valve

162YR41-6 Radial Sealing Fin

62YR41-9 Radial Sealing Fin

209YR-2-2 Radial Sealing Fin

70N6101-1-0 Equalizer

Flow Equaling Plate for Coal Economizer

HX4801-2009 Air Pre-heater Manhole Door

162YR41-14 Sealing Fin

62YR41-17 Sealing Fin

162YR41-2 Sealing Fin

D0450.1202 Seal Ring

D0700.1107 Seal Ring

D0800.1107 Seal Ring

162YR41-7 Sealing Folded Plate

162YR41-3 Sealing Folded Plate

62YR41-15 Sealing Folded Plate

57YR43-1 Bypass Sealing Fin

57YR43-2 Bypass Sealing Fin

57YR43-3 Bypass Sealing Support Board

DG4801-88 Manhole

Flow Equaling Plate for Coal Economizer

34N34-1-1 End Cap for Coal Economizer

TGS14010 Hand Hold End Cap

TGS14011 Hand Hold End Cap

D1630.1209 Four Element Ring

DG48459-2000 Clamping Inspection Door

TGS44-2007 Clamping Inspection Door

162YR41-16 Supporting Board

162YR41-13 Supporting Board

D0450.1204 Supporting Baffle

D0500.1104 Supporting Baffle

D8300.1304 Supporting Baffle

163YR42-1 Axial Direction Sealing Fin

63YR42-6 Axial Direction Sealing Folded Plate

118M114-11-1 Columnar Bell Windcap

D8400.1109 Plug valve four-open ring

D8400.1108 Plug valve bush ring

DE400.1107 Plug valve stud bolt

1513014G41-0 Air cooler cold end Radial seal

57*3mm Stainless steel Antiwear tile

Sealing plate 148YR62-27

Seals 243YR61-5-5

Seals 243YR61-5-4

Sealing cover I 148YR62-22-0

Sealing cover II 148YR62-23-0

Sealing gland 227YR61-16-9

Sealing gland 243YR61-5-1

Seals 243YR31-3-0

Seals 243YR61-5-0

Seals 243YR61-5-2

Seals 243YR61-5-3



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