Working principle and Features of electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B

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Working principle and Features of electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B

Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B  is a new type of electro-hydraulic servo control valve.

The working principle of Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B is: after receiving the analog electrical signal, according to the size of the analog electrical signal, the modulated flow and pressure are output to the Moog servo valve. Electro-hydraulic servo valve has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries because of its fast dynamic response, high control accuracy, long service life and other characteristics.

 electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B

Features of Electro-hydraulic servo valve G761-3005B 

1. The structure of dry torque motor and two-stage hydraulic amplifier is adopted

2. Front stage is double nozzle flapper valve with low friction

3. High driving force of valve core

4. High dynamic response performance

5. Firm structure and long service life

6. High resolution and low hysteresis

7. All adjustments are completed when leaving the factory

8. The fifth oil port can be selected to control the pilot valve separately

9. The butterfly oil filter of the pilot valve can be replaced on site

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