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Fixed steam path composed of two adjacent stationary blades, it is a structural element that transforms the thermal energy of the steam into the kinetic energy. In the first level of the steam turbine nozzle has a number of groups, each group is controlled by a regulating valve.





LP cylinder cooling water nozzle 3, 4# LP seal desuperheating water nozzle
LP cylinder desuperheating water nozzle LP cooling water nozzle
Outer ring of nozzle group Desuperheating Water Nozzle for LP Cylinder
Nozzle type positioning pin HP Nozzle assembly






steam turbine nozzle
steam turbine nozzle





D09.018Z LP cooling water nozzle D55B-041000A001 4# Nozzle group
D60A-041000A001 1# Nozzle group D350F-036100A005 nozzle
D600J-03600A LP cylinder cooling water nozzle M752-01211A DN13 nozzle
M009-04100A007 Nozzle type positioning pin M732-041000A 3กข4# LP seal desuperheating water nozzle
D135A-014000B004 Outer ring of nozzle group D600B-041000A SEAL STRIP,HP NOZZLE ASSY
D135B-041000A Nozzle assembly D135A-014000B001 nozzle group #1 & #2
D135A-014000B002 nozzle group #3 D135A-014000B003 nozzle group #4



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