CS-1 / CS-2 / CS-3 Rotational Speed Sensor

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Rotational Speed Sensor is based on electromagnetic induction principle, outputs frequency signals which are directly proportional to the rotational speed of the rotating machinery. It is fixed on the sensor casing, around the magnet is an inertial mass coil, through a spring attached to the shell. By detecting the induced electromotive force, the linear velocity of the measured object can be obtained.


Its outer shell is made of stainless steel screw thread, sealed inside and is heat-resistance. The connection cable is metal shielded flexible conductor and has strong anti-interference performance. The sensor can be applied to rotational speed measuring of gear teeth in harsh environment such as smoke, oil, gas and water vapor.





Power Supply: 5~24V DC
Current: ≤20mA
Installation Gap: 1~2mm (1.5mm recommended)
Measuring Range: 1~20000Hz
Output Signal: Pulse Signal
Working Temperature: -40~80íŠ
Insulation Resistance: ≥50 MΩ





CS-1-D-060-05-01 CS-2
CS-1-D-065-05-01 CS-3
CS-1-D-075-03-01 CS-3 M10*1
CS-1-D-080-10-01 CS-3F
CS-1-D-085-05-01 CS-3F-M10-L55-1
CS-1-D-100-02-01 CS-3-G-150-05-01
CS-1-D-100-05-01 CS-3-L100
CS-1-G-065-02-01 CS-3-L180
CS-1-G-065-05-01 CS-3-L190
CS-1-G-065-06-01 CS-3-L200
CS-1-G-075-02-01 CS-3-M10-L120
CS-1-G-075-03-01 CS-3-M10-L140
CS-1-G-075-05-01 CS-3-M10-L70
CS-1-G-080-02-01 CS-3-M16-L100
CS-1-G-080-05-01 CS-3-M16-L123
CS-1-G-090-02-01 CS-3-M16-L140
CS-1-G-090-03-01 CS-3-M16-L185
CS-1-G-100-02-01 CS-3-M16-L190
CS-1-G-100-03-01 CS-3-M16-L220
CS-1-G-100-05-01 CS-3-M16-L60
CS-1-G-150-05-01 CS-3-M18-L60





Turbine Rotational Speed Sensor



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