Jacking Oil Pump Filter

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Jacking device is an important part of the steam turbine unit. It jacks the rotor when the turbine turns to heat up or cool down in unit starting-up or shutting-down. Jacking oil must be clean to ensure the safety operation of the jacking devices and the whole unit.

Jacking oil filters are installed on the jacking oil pump. When high pressure alarm of oil filter is detected, or leakage occurs in the working filter, should change to the back-up filter. The impurities in the oil flowing out of the pump reach a certain cleanliness by filtering. After the pump is filtered, it can effectively prevent the damage of the top shaft oil pump, ensure the smooth operation of the top shaft oil pump and prolong the service life of the oil pump.





Double Drum Filter Element 3PD110×250A25C-1
Jacking Oil Pump Inlet Filter Element SFX-660*30
Jacking Oil Pump Inlet Filter Element SFX-850*20
Jacking Oil Pump Inlet Filter Element DQ6803GA20H1.5C
Jacking Oil Pump Outlet Filter Element HBX-250*10
Jacking Oil Pump Outlet Filter Element DQ8302GA10H1.5C
Automatic Back Flushing Filter ZCL-I-450B
Plate Filter 9PP80*250A10C-1
Lubricating Oil System Filter Element QF9732W50HPTC-DQ




Jacking oil pump suction filter & discharge filter:

DQ8302GA10H1.5C Jacking oil pump filter


Back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450B

Back-flushing filter ZCL-I-450B






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