Gap Measuring Device for Boiler APH

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China Manufacturer Gap Measuring Device for Boiler APH





The key to gap control of Air Pre-heaters is the deformation measuring of the pre-heater. But when a pre-heater deforms, its rotor is still working, the temperature of pre-heater almost reaches 400íŠ, and coal ashes and corrosive gas still remain inside. It is hard to measure the displacement of moving subjects in such bad condition. The Gap Measuring Sensor and Transmitter are particularly developed for this purpose. Its design and technology are advanced and unique. 



Measuring Range: 0-10mm

Accuracy: ≥0.1mm

Frequency: ≥50Hz

Temp Resistance of Sensor: ≥520íŠ

Temp Resistance of Transmitter: ≥65íŠ

O/P: 0~10mA, 4~20mA 





Gap Sensor Amplifier for Gap Measuring Device
Gap Measuring Transmitter Gap Sensor Cable
Power Supply for Gap Measuring Device Air Pipe for Gap Measuring Device
Gap Sensor Converter





 Boiler APH Gap SensorBoiler APH Gap Sensor



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