Stator Coil Assembly

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Stator coil of Dongfang generator is embedded in the insulated conductor in the stator slot. Multiple coils or coil groups form a phase or the whole electromagnetic circuit, which is the winding. According to the coil shape and the embedded wiring, generator winding can be divided into two types: centralized and distributed. Different types and specifications of the windings are designed according to the process conditions of different types of generator. 




Insulation Box Upper Coil
Lock Washer End Slot Wedge
Stator Slot Wedge Slot Wedge with Hole
Air Gap Diaphragm Lower Coil






Generator Stator Coil AssemblyGenerator Stator Coil Assembly





3Q4868 Insulating Box 3Q4869 Insulating Box
4B4475 Lock Washer 4Q7460 Lock Washer
4Q9147 Insulation Box 4Q7419 Lock Washer
4Q9189 Stator Slot Wedge 4Q9190 Stator Slot Wedge
4Q9844 Slot Wedge with Hole 4Q11120 Corrugated Strip
2Q7392-S Air Gap Diaphragm Assembly 4Q9188 End Slot Wedge



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