High Pressure Balanced Globe Valve DN40 PN35

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Structural features of high pressure balanced globe valve

1. There is no through hole in the valve disc, and the medium flows into the valve cavity from the valve disc, so that the medium received by the valve disc is balanced and the opening and closing torque is small.

2. Lifting valve stem structure, light opening and good sealing.

3. F-4 composite rubber sealing ring is adopted, which has good sealing performance and acid-base corrosion resistance

 globe valve DN40


Precautions for installation of high pressure balanced stop valve
1) Before assembly, all metal parts shall be cleaned with metal cleaning agent (QB / t211-1995) after passing the inspection. Non metal parts shall be cleaned with alcohol and dried with oil-free compressed air or nitrogen. There shall be no oil stain, cotton yarn and other foreign pollutants and other residues in the valve body.

2) Apply special 221 grease (SH / t0458-1992) to the threaded connection and the sealing ring not in contact with the medium. The application amount of 21 grease at the sealing ring in contact with the medium shall be uniform and not too much. 7008 general aviation grease (sh0437-92) shall be applied to the thrust bearing.

3) Increase the nitrogen at the inlet to 35mp, open and close the valve for 5 times, and then check the leakage at the outlet. It is required that there are no more than 5 bubbles in 5 minutes At the same time, check the other external seals. It is qualified if there are no bubbles.