AST/OPC solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A for steam turbine use

Date:2021-2-23 15:13:51 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

  Solenoid valve is industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetism. It is an automatic basic component used to control fluid. It belongs to actuator, not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system. The solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the desired control, and the control accuracy and flexibility can be guaranteed.

AST/OPC solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A

Integrated shell packaging design, ip69k protection level can prevent dust and high pressure jet into. Meet the most stringent environmental requirements in industrial applications.
The solenoid valve coil design has the advantage of being field modifiable in all existing or new applications.
AST/OPC solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A
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